Beutify Saigon Event

Beautify The Saigon River

Cleanup Event

Les Rives does its bit …

Plastic waste in Vietnam’s waterways and coastlines not only directly affects the general tourism industry and the first impression visitors get of Vietnam but is also a source of toxic contamination and environmental pollution for local populations.

At Les Rives, we feel we have an obligation not to remain passive and take action to improve the situation where we can and help raise awareness among clients, local partners, stakeholders and our staff.

We are therefore actively seeking opportunities to contribute where possible and impact the community positively and are thus pleased to announce that on the August 20th, 2017 , we will be launching the first initiative of the ‘Beautify The Saigon River’ cleanup project.

Teaming up with Khiri Travel, Let’s do it – Ho Chi Minh and a number of other supportive organizations, we will get our hands dirty for a great cause. Off to an early start before the heat and the rain, we will travel along the Saigon River on Les Rives’ speedboats to Thanh Da Island where will spend several hours collecting and sorting waste material that has been discarded into the waterways and has washed up onto the river banks.

After we have filled up all of our collection bags and done our bit for that day, the team will head back to shore where Organik, a sustainable organic farm and food store and one of our partners for the event, will be supplying participants with a complimentary healthy barbecue buffet and food to replenish everyone’s energy.

Despite the primary aim of the day is to help clean up this section of the river, we are also hoping to raise awareness about this growing problem in Saigon and other parts of Vietnam. Plastic waste is very detrimental to local populations especially those living in close dependence from the waterways and relying on them for subsistence. As our activities take us more often than not in close contact and involvement with those local populations living along the rivers or in the Mekong Delta, we are particularly aware and reminded every day of this matter. We at Les Rives, therefore, feel passionate about this and hope to be able to contribute to its reduction in the coming years with the support of our friends and partners.

Clean Up Saigon Event