Speedboat Safety

les-rives-luxury-boat-safetyLes Rives’ utmost priority is always the well being of our guests. Our fleet of modern speedboats has been built to international safety standards and is serviced monthly. Every member of Les Rives staff is rigorously trained in safety and medical procedures.

A highly-qualified Captain and Engineer, both of whom are legally required to be among the crew of commercial boats, and a tour guide and host to ensure your every need is well cared for, operate each craft.

All boats have complete international standard safety equipment including Red Cross first aid kits, ample life jackets and flotation devices for children.

Our food uses freshest local produce, while bottled water are available on-board throughout the day.

Due to the tidal nature of the Mekong Delta and remoteness of our berths, some minimal physical exertion may be required to board and deboard; however all tours are suitable for any age group and our crew is always on hand to provide assistance when needed.