The Saigon River flows from Cambodia through South Vietnam before merging into the South China Sea close to the Mekong Delta. Along the riverbanks are villages, underground passages that were built during  Vietnam War, city skyscrapers and old houses. A boat trip around Saigon on the Saigon River offers tourists the chance to see the diversity of lifestyles surrounding this busy metropolis. There many tour operators offering Saigon River tour cruises which can be booked as private charters or as part of a group tour.

Les Rives lead the way again and we are proud to offer to our guests several Saigon River tours options, by day or by night, enjoy a two hour’s cruise on the Saigon river to rediscover the full splendor of the river banks and monuments of Saigon.

Our main tour called Sunset Cruise will allow you to experience the romance of Saigon – a city once known as the pearl of the Far East – as you explore its winding canals and waterways on a luxury speedboat tour.

Families can combine culture and fun aboard our Saigon River trip called Good morning Saigon ! 

Visit the secret places of Saigon connected with Indochina and Vietnam wars during our Saigon Underground and Sunset Cruise tour .

Our adventurous tour Saigon by Night, will let you see some of the famous sights along with the areas not familiar to the tourists.

Come on board with us along the Saigon river and discover Ho Chi Minh City the time of a cruise and enjoy one of our Saigon river tour with our enthusiastic staff who aspire to the same governing principle everyday: to bring you wonderful memories!

Top Experience In Saigon River Tours

saigon by night tour

 Sunset Cruise and Saigon By Night Tour

sunset cruise tour

 Sunset Cruise

saigon 2cv tour

 Sunset Cruise & Saigon 2CV Tour

Good Morning Saigon Tour

 Good Morning, Saigon

Saigon City Tour

 Saigon Underground and Sunset Cruise

Saigon Underground Tour

 Cu Chi Tunnels & Saigon Underground City Tour

Hidden Ho Chi Minh Day Tour

 Cu Chi Tunnels & Hidden Ho Chi Minh Day Tour

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