Cao Dai Temple and Cu Chi Tunnels tour

Cao Dai Temple Tour

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Tour Departure Time:  7:00 AM

Tour Length:  Approximately 9 hours

Transportation:  Speedboat & Minivan

This is the newest Les Rives tour, which will let you visit in one day two most popular places of interest near Ho Chi Minh City: a historical site of Cu Chi Tunnels and a unique Cao Dai Temple that represents the world’s youngest and perhaps the most mysterious religion.

Les Rives tour guide will meet you at the lobby of your hotel and bring to Tan Cang Pier where you will board a speedboat. Travel comfortably to observe the life on Saigon River and its banks, while enjoying a light breakfast. Visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, a small sample of the immense network of tunnels during the US-Vietnam conflict.

Your guide will lead you through the historic Cu Chi Tunnels, dug by resourceful guerrilla fighters to provide communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters during numerous conflicts.

Get into the minivan and head to Tay Ninh Province to visit the famous Cao Dai Holy See Temple, which is a fusion of Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism and a few other religions. Learn about the unique religion and the temple organization, and watch the noon mass.

After having a traditional lunch, you will be brought by van back to the hotel.

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    VND 3,199,000*
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    Under 12 years old

    VND 2,239,000*
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    0-3 years old

    Free of charge

* Includes mandatory Government Tax & Service Charge

Minimum 2 guests per bookings are required for this tour

Includes: Light breakfast & lunch, unlimited refreshments and local fruit, English-speaking guide, all entrance fees, pickup and drop off at centrally located hotels.

Please note we only pickup and drop off at hotel located in district 1, district 2 and district 3 

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7:00 am: Les Rives tour guide will meet you at the lobby of your hotel and after a short ride by comfortable minivan you will find yourself at Tan Cang Pier, where the adventure begins.

7:30 am: You will board a modern and spacious speedboat and depart to the Cu Chi Tunnels. When on board, enjoy a light breakfast of a Vietnamese sandwich Banh Mi with coffee or tea, while learning about a traditional way of life of the locals on the river and its banks.

8:45 am: You will arrive at the Cu Chi Tunnels before the larger bus groups.

9:00 am: Explore the Cu Chi site, which includes weapon and booby trap exhibitions, navigating authentic Viet Cong tunnel, visiting different underground bunkers (kitchens, meeting rooms, ammunitions etc.), a firing range and much more. Try the local cassava root that sustained Viet Cong fighters for years.

11:00 am: When the Cu Chi tour is finished you will hop on Les Rives mini van and head to Cao Dai Temple.

12:00 pm: Visit the Cao Dai Holy See Temple, a mixture of a few different religions, located in Tay Ninh province. Walk around the temple to see its marvelous and mysterious architecture and watch the noon mass.

1:30 pm: On the way to Ho Chi Minh city, stop by a local restaurant for a delicious traditional lunch.

4:00 pm: Arrive back to Saigon to be dropped off at your place of stay.

Please note that due to the individual nature of the tours, times are approximate and can vary slightly.

Dress code: Proper wear is strongly recommended when visiting Cao Dai Temple and pagodas.

Explore the winding, underground passageways in your Cu Chi Tunnels tour

Cu Chi Tunnel Historical Site tour will include visiting an American weapons gallery, and later on even a bullet riddled tank. You will be shown a variety of ingenious and rather brutal booby traps used by the VC. And you’ll try to discover secret entrances hidden by fake termite mounds and other creative disguises.

You’ll learn everything from how the kitchens fed up to 10,000 fighters in the tunnels (and how they disguised the smoke), to how they defended the tunnels from American bombs and infiltrators. You’ll even see the huge crater formed by an American B52 bomber.

And of course, you’ll be able to explore the 1-metre high tunnels themselves. These tunnels have been enlarged slightly, but it can still be a pretty claustrophobic experience – imagine living down there for months! Fortunately, there are regular that allow you to exit easily if you wish. Original, unchanged tunnels can also be explored, although this is certainly not for the faint hearted!

At the end of the Cu Chi Tunnels tour, there is a firing range that allows you to fire real war-era weapons including the M66 and AK47.

Visit the Cao Dai Temple, a unique representation of the world’s youngest and the most fascinating religion

Cao Dai is a combination of Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism and a few other religions. Founded in 1926 in 4 km east of Tay Ninh, the Cao Dai Temple, like the religion, is a fusion of world influences. The temple is charming in its colorful, mysterious, marvelous architecture.

As well as being a major center of pilgrimage, the Cao Dai temple is also one of Vietnam’s major tourist attractions.

What to know in advance of Cao Dai Temple and Cu Chi Tunnels Tour …

Bring your camera! There are amazing photo opportunities both traveling to and from Cu Chi tunnel location and at the actual site itself.

Please request vegetarian or Halal food options 24 hours in advance of your tour. Please note for Halal food a $10 surcharge will be incurred.

Soft drinks ( Coke Zero), matcha green tea, water and fruit provided during the boat journey are included in the overall price and not subject additional charge.

Les Rives will provide insect repellent, waterproof ponchos and umbrellas.

From November to February, we suggest you bring a jacket for the early starts.

We also recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes, light clothing and a hat.

Some of the tunnels at Cu Chi have been enlarged, yet they can still be claustrophobic. However, there are always plenty of exits.

Please note that the abundant water hyacinth on the Saigon River can cause the boat to stall, meaning sometimes we’ll have to go at a gentler pace than usual. Occasionally there are slight delays.

We are happy to say that no tour is exactly the same with Les Rives, and as result scheduled times can vary slightly.

All guides speak excellent English and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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